Sponsorship Opportunity

The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy can accommodate 2 sponsors per issue.

  • HTML sponsorship appears on the home page and left hand menu, visible from all pages within the OJOT web site, until the next issue is published, approximately 90 days (www.ojot.org)
  • After the next issue is published, it is preserved permanently in the OJOT Sponsor Profile Gallery: http://scholarworks.wmich.edu/sponsorprofiles/ (accessible from the home page www.ojot.org)
  • The size is 225px by 500px and cost is $2,000.00 for a business, $1,000 for an individual
  • Sponsorship consists of a logo/image with link to page of sponsor’s choice (see http://scholarworks.wmich.edu/sponsorprofiles/ for examples)
  • Additionally, acknowledgement of sponsor will appear in all issue announcements to subscribers, editorial board members, and social media outlets

Please note that sponsorship of OJOT is a tax-deductible donation.

Frequency Rates

A discounted rate is available for multiple placements of an ad:
$7,000 for a year-long sponsorship (4 issues)
$3,500 for sole sponsorship (you are the only sponsor for that issue)

Deadlines for Ad placement

Issue Reservation Date Materials Date
January 1 October 1 November 1
April 1 January 1 February 1
July 1 April 1 May 1
October 1 July 1 August 1

All sponsorship is subject to the publisher’s approval. Sponsors and sponsoring agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements (text and illustrations) and any claims against the publisher as the result of the advertisement. A sponsorship agreement must be reached between The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy and the sponsoring agency.

Please contact ot-ojot@wmich.edu for additional information.