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Bryan M. Gee, PhD, OTD, OTR/L, BCP, CLA

Daniel Leatham, MOTR/L


Background: The purpose of this pediatric case report is to document how occupational therapy assisted a family with a child who has a diagnosis of ASD and the religious clergy increase the child’s participation in activities in the religious context.

Method: The pediatric case report uses an exploratory approach to explore the process of evaluating challenging psychosocial behaviors and implementing contextual and personal strategies to increase participation in meaningful occupations.

Results: As a result of the occupational therapy recommendations and follow-up consultations, the client demonstrated a reduction in behaviors that were a barrier to her participation in meaningful activities in a religious context. Most notably observed were reductions with verbalizations, excessive movement, verbal outbursts (high volume), wandering, and fighting.

Conclusions: Occupational therapists have a role in addressing the behavioral and emotional challenges that may prevent children with ASD from participating in meaningful religious activities valued by families and their communities. The strategies recommended as a part of this case report represent strategies commonly used in the home, community, and school-based settings. However, this case pediatric report highlights the application of psychosocial/behavioral and contextual recommendations in religious contexts.


The authors declare that they have no competing financial, professional, or personal interest that might have influenced the performance or presentation of the work described in this manuscript.