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Tara Price, MSc(OT), O.T. Reg(NS)

Tara Pride, MSc(OT), O.T. Reg(NS), PhD Candidate


Indigenous Peoples experience significant health inequities that must be understood in relation to historical and ongoing colonialism, racism, and discrimination. The occupational therapy profession has claimed commitment to addressing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) calls to action, however, the profession is firmly grounded in Euro-Western epistemologies, including its assessments. The purpose of this paper was to assess the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) for use with Indigenous clients and communities. Although the COPM uses flexibility through semi-structured interviews and the exclusion of standardized score comparisons, it is mired in colonial underpinnings and has hierarchical therapist-client power dynamics threaded throughout. The COPM has potential given its semi-structured nature and client-led approach. However, acknowledgement of the assessments’ Euro-Western roots and biases are necessary. This assessment may be modified for improved use, which should occur in collaboration with Indigenous clients, communities, and leaders.


The authors declare that they have no competing financial, professional, or personal interest that might have influenced the performance or presentation of the work described in this manuscript.