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Angela Klukken, OTD, OTR

Sally Wasmuth, PhD, OTR


Improving the occupational lives of others is at the heart of occupational therapy practice. Advocacy for clientele is central to this improvement, both at individual and structural levels. We argue that interventions in the Ecological Model of Human Performance (EHP) and the social movement theSlutWalk can offer increased opportunity for occupational therapists to address the harmful implications for clients affected by sexual assault and rape culture. In addition, through the principles of the EHP and the SlutWalk, we propose that occupational therapists can have a hand in eradicating the culture that facilitates and tolerates sexual violence. This paper highlights the barriers women and sexual assault survivors may face to equitable occupational participation, where occupational therapists may establish/restore, alter, create, prevent, and adapt intervention approaches in the client’s context to elicit optimal engagement in meaningful activity.