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Annmarie T. Kinsella, OTD, MS, OTR/L
Catherine Verrier Piersol, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA


This project developed a Collaborative Model Level II Fieldwork (CM-FWII) program to evaluate the effect of the program on fieldwork educator and student understanding of the model and changes in knowledge, perceptions, and satisfaction. Four fieldwork educators (FWEd) were recruited from two pediatric and two adult practice settings. Eight occupational therapy (OT) students met participation criteria and agreed to participate. A pre/post design was used to evaluate change in knowledge and perceptions. Satisfaction with the collaborative model (CM) was examined after the 12-week fieldwork rotation. Analysis procedures included a priori coding, calculation of frequency distributions, and thematic analysis of transcribed interviews. Initially, the FWEds indicated knowledge of 23-54% of the essential elements of the CM and the students indicated knowledge of 23-54%. Following the experience, the FWEds indicated knowledge of 67-82% of the essential elements of the CM, while the students reported knowledge of 23-54%. The FWEds and students rated the experience as positive. The participants cited peer support and improved self-confidence and clinical competence as factors of satisfaction. Challenges included caseload, workspace, and student compatibility. Evaluation of the CM-FWII program shows positive outcomes for FWEds and OT students when structured training and support was provided from the academic program.


Disclosure statement: the authors report no conflicts of interest.