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Maria L. Cruz, OTD, MAM, OTR/L; Julie Kugel, OTD, OTR/L; Liane Hewitt, DrPH, CHES, OTR/L; Arezou Salamat, OTD, MOT, OTR/L


Background: This study explored the perceptions of older adults on the use of a custom built interactive video game (IVG) in promoting health and well-being among the older adult population.

Method: This qualitative study used a phenomenological approach and enrolled 10 older adults over the age of 65 years in a client-centered, custom-built interactive video game program. This program was designed to promote activity tolerance, balance, range of motion, cognitive skills, and enjoyment through physical activity. The participants completed up to 12 Coin Catcher IVG sessions over a 4-week period. A postprogram, semi-structured, and audio-recorded interview explored their perceptions and experiences of the IVG.

Results: The participant interview transcripts were individually coded, categorized, and then collapsed into broader themes. The three themes emerged as: I was thinking all the time, it is a good workout, and I thought it was fun.

Conclusion: The custom built IVG is perceived by the older adult population to be engaging and meaningful while promoting physical performance.


The authors report for this study, an interactive video game program, The Coin Catcher, was designed by a team of health professionals, including the first and third author, with the objective to engage older people in a fun, user friendly game to promote functional mobility, range of motion, and cognitive skills. No compensation was paid to the authors for their role.