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Dr. Jessie Wilson, MSc, OT, PhD; Dr. Angela Mandich, PhD; Dr. Lilian Magalhães, MEd, PhD; Dr. Kaity Gain, PhD


Background: To explore the experiences of adolescents with ASD participating in a novel occupationally based intervention.

Methods: The intervention used concept mapping in combination with the CO-OP approach with 10 adolescents with ASD in a 4-week program focused on developing life skills they deemed as important in their transition to adulthood. A descriptive qualitative approach was employed using deductive thematic analysis informed by Self-Determination Theory and occupationally relevant theoretical frameworks. This study is part of a larger feasibility project and focuses on the analysis of participant reflections and researcher field notes.

Results: Five themes emerged: finding a sense of balance through negotiating tensions; a sense of “we” and a sense of “I”; selecting purposeful, meaningful, and authentic occupations; multimodal tools; and action through participating in doing.

Conclusion: This study highlights valuable participant insights into their involvement in a novel occupationally based intervention that will inform the program’s on-going development and implementation.


The authors report no conflicts of interest to disclose.