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John V. Rider, MS, OTR/L, MSCS, CEAS, CPAM


The completion of the human genome project has paved the way for health care practitioners to use genetic and environmental information to tailor medical treatment. This innovative approach to health care is rapidly evolving, and occupational therapists need to be aware of the impact it will have on future practice. Regenerative rehabilitation is a product of knowledge and techniques from the fields of rehabilitation and regenerative medicine with the common goal to restore function. Occupational therapists have the potential to play a significant role in regenerative rehabilitation research and implementation. The purpose of this article is to (a) increase understanding of genomics, regenerative medicine, and regenerative rehabilitation as they pertain to occupational therapy practice; (b) provide examples of how occupational therapy can contribute to and use evidence in the field of regenerative rehabilitation; and (c) advocate for the integration of these emerging techniques and technologies in occupational therapy training.


The author reports no potential conflicts of interest.