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Many "how to study" courses, courses for training developmental reading teachers and books on the subject are merely inspirational and moralistic when they should be more realistic or relevant (a word that is becoming an irrelevant word) to the real world of school. Study habits and skills teach students to jump through hoops, most of which should not be there at all. Or, in other words, hoops which tend to stifle attitudes and negate their original purposes, i.e., standardized tests. One encounters the frustrations of either trying to change the entire system or teaching students how to beat the system. A recent statement by one of my black graduate students that "all teachers should be trained for teaching in Urban Ghettoes" has significant meaning for reading teachers. The implication is that all teachers should be understanding and should know themselves as well as having various other human relations skills. If one can survive in the ghetto, he can survive anywhere. We ought to be providing the prospective developmental reading teacher with more than the traditional "how to teach reading" lecture course.

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