Terri Bruce

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Junior or community college reading programs are one of the areas most open for innovation. The two-year college itself is still a relatively new concept and reading programs designed to fit the still evolving function of these schools offer the reading specialist both freedom and frustrations. To date, I have taught reading courses at a junior college which was affiliated with a university and at a community college with an open door policy. In the first instance, the courses were offered through the continuing education department and dealt largely with marginal admittance students. Presently I am within the English department and the reading courses are credit courses, some of which carry transfer credit to local universities. At this point, there are probably many more questions than answers. In this article, I would like to discuss these questions and perhaps this will lead to an exchange of ideas from other reading specialists w-ho may have solutions. Particularly at this level, it is easy to become isolated from dialogue with other reading personnel. What my questions may serve to do is offer an outline of topics to which you may want to respond.

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