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Did You See "IRA Reports on The Right To Read Effort"? This special report on the National Right to Read effort was published in May, 1973, for IRA members and others interested in this important program. The Right To Read effort was established in 1970 by the late Dr. James E. Allen, Jr., who was then U.S. Com missioner of Education. The program was designed as a coordinated endeavor to work toward one common goal—to ensure that by 1980 ninety-nine percent of all people under 16 years of age in the U.S. and ninety percent of all those over 16 will possess and use literacy skills. This program gained impetus under the administration of Dr. Sidney P. Marland, Jr., who is now Secretary for Education. This report as well as future bulletins on the Right To Read may be obtained from the International Reading Association, Dept. JBI, Six Tyre Avenue, Newark, Delaware, 19711.

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