Rodney J. Barth

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The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a national information system currently consisting of sixteen clearinghouses under the sponsorship of the National Institute of Education (NIE). Each clearinghouse is responsible for obtaining the educational literature within its area for evaluation, indexing, and abstracting into the ERIC data bank, and also for providing information analysis materials and various user services based on the information contained in ERIC. Transcripts of speeches, topical papers, program descriptions, inservice and preservice workshop materials, curriculum guides, research reports, conference proceedings, and educational journal articles are among the documents indexed in the ERIC system. As one of the sixteen clearinghouses, the Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills (ERIC/RCS) is responsible for resources, information, and materials in reading as well as in the other communication skill areas ~ English, journalism, speech, and the theater. The data collected in reading by ERIC/RCS are available in at least 600 ERIC microfiche collections for use by reading coordinators, reading consultants, teachers who stress content reading, and other educators.

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