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Seldom in the history of American education has an issue received more public attention than the reading question is receiving today. Such an abiding concern about a basic skill is almost ironic in view of the fact that the last several decades have brought a flood of "innovations" in curriculum design and approaches to instruction. Prominent figures such as John Holt, Herbert Kohl, Neil Postman, Charles Weingartner, William Glasser, Ivan Illich, Carl Rogers, Alvin Toffler, and many more have called continually for radical school reform. "Relevance" and "change" have been by-words in virtually every piece of recent literature pertaining to education. A wide and largely receptive audience has heard call after call for "open" schools, ungradedness, team teaching, inquiry, process-oriented approaches to instruction, the use of "real-world" materials (newspapers, magazines, paper-back books, non-print media) in the classroom, community resources as working laboratories for students, and drastic changes in curriculum design and course offerings.

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