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In recent years, much attention has been given to the phonics skills of teachers and prospective teachers. Beginning in the early 60's with Aaron (1960), Gagon (1960), and The Torch Lighter: Tomorrow's Teachers of Reading (Austin & Morrison, 1961), it was noted that teacher training programs were deficient in the area of phonics training, and that, resultantly, prospective teachers showed a deficit in their knowledge of phonics. These results have been upheld by Ramsey (1962), Schubert (1962), and Spache and Baggett (1965), all of whom found that experienced teachers and/or prospective teachers showed a marked deficit in the basic phonics skills required of elementary school pupils. As recently as 1970, Janet Lerner (1970) conducted similar research which demonstrated that this same group knew little more than the pupils they were intended to teach. Though

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