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In the past ten years vandalism, impertinence to teachers and general classroom disturbances have increased tremendously. These are only a few of the types of discipline problems that teachers and administrators are faced with daily. The secondary schools seem to be the most prominent area of trouble. If at all possible, it is up to these high school classroom teachers to handle the discipline problems they face. Sending students to the office, suspensions, and expulsions are often not the answer for chronic offenders. They simply meet these punishments with resentment and defiance. Too many times they just return to the classroom, only to repeat their disruptive actions. So it is in the classroom that the problem must be solved. In order to do this, the teacher must understand what discipline involves and how to use it most effectively. Correcting classroom environment and finding the cause of behavioral problems are also essential. Many studies have shown that reading problems in students often are the cause for discipline problems in those same students. Understanding discipline and coordinating it with correcting reading deficiencies would be a major step toward improving discipline problems.

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