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Schools, perhaps are in the best position to work with bibliotherapy in a preventive approach against mental illness. In America, schools are founded on the principle that reading experience would affect not only a child's attitude, but also his behavior. The first book published in America, the New England primer, contained both religious and secular material, and who would deny the far reaching influence of the McGuffey Reader on the mind of America. Although there is little tangible evidence supporting the claim that reading does influence and change one's behavior, those involved in fostering the learning of others must continue to assume this is true -that reading of good books positively influences the way one thinks, feels, and acts. In the past few years the thinking of any of our educators and psychologists have reflected the inadequacy of our present education system to meet the needs of the "whole child." Jersild expresses the idea that there is a need for the child to understand himself and others even on a nursery school level. He states that problem facing is not realistic in the classroom. Educators need to promote wholesome understanding of self revelation instead of self-defense. Let the child be himself.

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