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Once upon a time in a far-off land, there was a school system that worked very hard on its reading program. Everyone worked hard on reading. The School Board declared reading its top priority and put the lion's share of its budget into reading. The superintendent supported reading and lay awake nights thinking of ways to make the reading program better. All the principals thought reading was important and showed they felt this way by sponsoring schoolwide USSR and motivational reading programs and by listening to children read and reading to children. The teachers spent most of their day teaching reading. They used a variety of methods and materials and tried to fit these methods and materials to the needs of each child. The children also worked hard at becoming good readers. They read every thing- books and magazines, of course, but also papers and signs and labels and television commercials, all through the school year everyone worked very hard on reading and went home in the evenings tired but satisfied satisfied that, while the reading problem was still not solved, they were doing their best and the children were learning to read.

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