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There is a fine balance, a significant subtlety, for a teacher to sustain in order to be a functional force in the classroom nurture of intelligence. Keenly sensitive perceptions are required if teachers are to Follow along, so to speak, ahead of the children, helping them to clarify, organize, and extend meanings as they reach out for understanding. "I Teachers' roles in this process demand a high degree of knowledge about our language and an active, creative part in its use. Pervasive habits of observing and listening should be enmeshed in the whole approach to teaching. More than that; as children seek constantly to organize their knowledge into conceptual structures, their efforts must be met by teachers with responsible steps to support, to stretch the scope, of these understandings. Challenges and choices facing teachers in designing programs for classroom learnings then become the crucial fulcrum in understanding and counter-poising the differing aspects of what children do know, can know, and should know.

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