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Teachers today know firsthand that sociologists are correct when they describe Modern American society as mobile. It is not at all unusual for many students - sometimes half a class - to enter classrooms while numerous others leave during the normal school year. This situation of course has always been true in areas that serve very transient groups such as military families, but it appears to now also apply to many other populations. Some up-to-date estimates predict that workers will change jobs eight or nine times in a lifetime and children are often involved in these moves. Consequently, today's teachers have to be prepared to help new students as they come to their classes throughout the school year. Many times these students come with few records from their previous school, and it can be a difficult task for a teacher to find the time to properly assess the new students and their reading needs. The following ideas are possible ways for the classroom teacher to be prepared to welcome new students to class, properly place them for instruction and make them feel at home in the new group.

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