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In 1983 the Florida legislature made a critical decision concerning the improvement of reading in the secondary schools. It provided funds for the creation of a new position, the reading resource specialist. Each high school was allowed one, whose specific areas of responsibility included the following: a) contributing the expertise needed to prepare the schools total reading program, b) working with the schools curriculum person in planning and implementing the basic skills remediation program as determined by the Florida State Assessment Accountability Act of 1976, c) providing individual diagonstic testing to enable better prescriptive approaches for classroom instruction, d) assisting the school staff in organizing and managing reading skills as an integral part of all subject areas, e) providing inservice training for school staff in the area of reading, f) participating in a team teaching effort with classroom teachers, and g) interpreting the reading program for both parents and the community. In August 1983 I was hired as a reading resource specialist at Coral Spring's High School. With the generous help of the administration and teaching staff I attempted to fulfill these ambitious objectives. I set out to prove that the legislature had indeed made a wise decision and that the services of a resource specialist were essential to a well coordinated school program. I intended to make the Coral Spring's program a model that other school's could follow.

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