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The introduction of essential vocabulary is a matter of concern to all teachers in all content areas, including social studies. One method for introducing and developing content specific vocabulary is semantic feature analysis (Johnson & Pearson, 1978). In this regard, we present a summary of a teaching experiment in which two data management software packages, PFS:File and PFS:Report, were adapted for classroom instructional use in order to introduce vocabulary concepts using the semantic feature method. We call it a "teaching experiment" because we were uncertain as to the adaptability of these programs for the purpose of teaching semantic feature analysis. However, we found that both PFS:File and PFS:Report were easily adapted to semantic feature analysis and met with a high degree of success. The curriculum project reported here was conducted in a sixth grade, self-contained classroom. There were 27 students in the room. At the time of the year that this study was conducted, the content of the social studies curriculum being taught was "the Count ries of Europe." Therefore, vocabulary and concepts related to this topic were incorporated into the study.

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