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Professor Jones, completing his training at The Ohio State University as a Reading Recovery teacher trainer, reflects on the dynamics of Reading Recovery training at the many levels of the program: teacher training, teacher leader training, and the program for university trainers. Jones identifies a set of unifying activities that underlie the training of Reading Recovery personnel at all three training levels. He zeroes in on "the public teaching" be hind the glass and characterizes it "as a powerful force toward individual self-improvement." He also explores the tension created because of watching the lesson and attending to the discussion, a sometimes baffling aspect to those who observe their first behind the glass lesson. Jones identifies a set of principles which he believes un derlie a teacher's learning in Reading Recovery. His ob servation that the principles of adult learning are essen tially the same as the principles that guide children's learning recognizes a powerful unifying concept in Reading Recovery, and illustrates the theoretical consis tency that guided Clay's conception of the program.

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