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Asmussen and Gaffney have uncovered one of the many rich sources of research data inherent in the Read ing Recovery program. The Ohio research studies (already some 13 volumes) have documented the success of Reading Recovery in the United States. Success like this produces a need to unravel the warp and woof to examine the nature of that success. Certainly there are many threads to examine. In this brief research update, they describe a current study to explore reading in the families of a sample of Reading Recovery children in Illinois. It will be interesting to compare their findings with Kathleen Holland's stimulating research exploring the parent and home literacy context of 13 Ohio Reading Recovery children in 1986-87, case studies conducted when Reading Recovery was in its infancy in the US. The Asmussen and Gaffney study explores the important dynamics of becoming literate at a time when Americans have more knowledge of Reading Recovery and a need to understand its impact on family literacy.

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