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(Professional Materials)-Infotext: Reading and Learning. (1993) Written by Karen Feathers; (Childrens books) I Want To Go Home. (1992) Alice McLerran-Reviewed by Maureen A. Hart; An Evening At Alfie's.(1992) Shirley Hughes-Reviewed by Susan Miller; Look Alive. (1992) Elaine Scott; Poison Ivy and Eyebrow Wigs.(1993)Bonnie Pryor- Reviewed by Dona Icabone; Around Me. (1992) Erica Magnus; Stop, Thief! (1993) Written by Robert Kalan; If J Had a Paka. (1993) Charlotte Pomerantz; Where Are You Going, Manyoni? (1993) Catherine Stock; Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. (1993) Chris Crutcher

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