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Illustrations often lure would-be readers into books. Illustrations in today’s books do more than just provide a visual accompaniment to text. They can also establish setting, define and develop characters, provide differing viewpoints, extend or develop the plot, establish mood, and provide interesting asides (Tunnell & Jacobs, 2008). While it has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, illustrations have the power to engage the reader and support the text. Today’s books offer a wide range of illustrated formats guaranteed to attract readers with their sumptuous colors and painstaking details.

Books reviewed for Grades PK-2:
Ahlberg, Allan. (2007). Previously
Bateman, Donna M. (2007). Deep in the swamp
Beaty, Andrea. (2007). Iggy Peck, architect
Cate, Annette LeBlanc. (2007). The magic rabbit
Daly, Nikki. (2007). Pretty Salma
Deedy, Carmen Agra. (2007). Martina the beautiful cockroach: A Cuban folktale
Fleming, Denise. (2007). Beetle bop
Kleven, Elisa. (2007). The apple doll
Worth, Valerie. (2007). Animal poems
Yaccarino, Dan. (2007). Every Friday

Grades 3-5:
Bishop, Nic. (2007). Nic Bishop spiders
Judge, Lita. (2007). One thousand tracings: Healing the wounds of World War II
Low, William. (2007). Old Penn Station
Miller, Kate. (2007). Poems in black and white
Prevert, Jacques. (2007). How to paint the portrait of a bird
Strauss, Rochelle. (2007). One well: The story of water on Earth
Wilson, Karma. (2007). How to bake an American pie
Wong, Janet. (2007) Twist: Yoga poems

Grades 6-8:
Kinney, Jeff. (2008). Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules
Paulsen, Gary. (2007). Hatchet
Selznick, Brian. (2007). The invention of Hugo Cabret
Tan, Shaun. (2007). The arrival

Grades 9-12:
Abadis, Nick. (2007). Laika
Alexie, Sherman. (2007). The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian

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