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Many of today’s teachers want to create lifelong readers, and, in particular, they often worry about finding books that will engage their boy readers.

The following books were reviewed for Grades K-2:
Grimes, Nikki. (2008). Barack Obama: Son of promise, child of hope
Hector, Julian. (2008). The little matador
Kay, Julia. (2008). Gulliver Snip
Meserve, Jessica. (2008). Can anybody hear me?
Smith, J. D. (2008). The best mariachi in the world/El major Mariachi del Mundo

Grades 3-5:
Broach, Elise. (2008). Masterpiece
Henkes, Kevin. (2008). Bird Lake moon
Krull, Kathleen and Brewer, Paul. (2008). Fartiste: An explosively funny, mostly true story
Lee, Ingrid. (2008). Dog lost
Lupica, Mike. (2008). Long shot
Sonnenblick, Jordan. (2008). Dodger and me

Grades 6-8:
Adler, David A. (2008). Don’t talk to me about the war
Balliett, Blue. (2008). The Calder game
Barker, M. P. (2008). A difficult boy
Butzer, C.M. (2009). Gettysburg, the graphic novel
Ferraiolo, Jack D. (2008). The big splash
Hobbs, Will. (2008). Go big or go home
Riordan, Rick. (2008). The battle of the labyrinth

Grades 9-12:
Bruchac, Joseph. (2008). March toward the thunder
Eulo, Elena Yates. (2008). The great receiver
Friesen, Jonathan. (2008). Jerk, California
Kuklin, Susan. (2008). No choirboy: Murder, violence, and teenagers on Death Row
Smith, Hope Anita, (2008). Keeping the night watch.

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