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Today’s teachers need to choose texts that provide strong role models for young readers, both male and female. When choosing a book for a girl, merely reaching for any old book with female characters isn’t enough. Care should be taken to find books that feature strong female literary role models, allowing girls to explore their own identities, claim their own voices, and gain confidence, particularly during the adolescent years. The expectations of society and peers often prompt girls to assume false identities. In addition, finding and becoming true to oneself is an arduous task that can be made easier through books with excellent female protagonists.

The following books were reviewed:
Grades K-2
Baruzzi, Agnese and Sandro Natalini. (2009). The true story of Little Red Riding Hood
Bernheimer, Kate. (2008). The girl in the castle inside the museum
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. (2009). Katie Duck is a caterpillar
Isadora, Rachel. (2009). Hansel and Gretel
McCormack, Caren McNelly. (2009). Fiesta dress: A quinceanera tale
O’Connor, Jane. (2009). Fancy Nancy: Explorer extraordinaire!
Ouellet, Debbie. (2009). How Robin Saved Spring
Yum, Hyewon. (2008). Last night

Grades 3-5
Badger, Meredith. Fairy school dropout
Durst, Sarah Beth. (2008). Out of the wild
Holt, Kimberly Willis. (2008). Piper Reed: The great gypsy
Rappaport, Doreen. (2009). Eleanor, quiet no more: The life of Eleanor Roosevelt
Shange, Ntozake. (2009). Coretta Scott

Grades 6-8
Gladstone, Valerie. (2009). A young dancer: The life of an Ailey studen
Harris, Lewis. (2009). A taste for red
Hoose, Phillip. (2009). Claudette Colvin: Twice toward justice
Klass, Sheila Solomon. (2009). Soldier’s secret: The story of Deborah Sampson
Lin, Grace. (2009). Where the mountain meets the moon
López, Diana. (2009). Confetti girl
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. (2009). Faith, hope, and Ivy June
Patron, Susan. (2009). Lucky breaks
Smith, Hope Anita. (2009). Mother poems

Grades 9-12
Anderson, Laurie Halse. (2009). Wintergirls
Caletti, Deb. (2008). The fortunes of Indigo Skye
Cashore, Kristin. (2008). Graceling
Collins, Suzanne. (2008). The Hunger Games
Karim, Sheba. (2009). Skunk girl
Williams, Carol Lynch. (2009). The chosen one.

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