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Reading fluency is the ability to read orally with speed and efficiency, including word recognition, decoding, and comprehension (Chard & Pikulski, 2005). Able readers achieve fluency as they recognize words with speed and build upon them to aid in comprehension (Pumfrey & Elliott, 1990). One way to help students achieve fluency is through the use of word walls and word wall activities (Callella, 2001). Word walls are bulletin boards that contain a collection of high-frequency or theme-related words and their activities include games that focus on using the word wall to learn sight words. This article describes an action research project designed to improve reading fluency of first grade students by investigating the use of word walls and word wall activities during station time over a four-week period. It was found that word wall activities might have been one factor that strengthened high-frequency word recognition resulting in an increase of words read per minute.

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