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A quick trip to the local bookstore or library quickly dispels any notion that reading for pleasure is something of the past. ... Among the new offerings, we have no trouble finding several interesting titles with a wide range of themes, many helping us examine issues with different lenses so that we see the world anew. We hope you’ll find much food for thought and many pages to browse among these new books that caught our attention. Clearly, these are good books for good times.

Books reviewed for Grades K-2:
Auch, Mary Jane and Herm Auch. (2009). The plot chickens
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta. (2009). The hog prince
Berger, Carin. (2009). OK GO
Chocolate, Debbi. (2009). El barrio
Coffelt, Nancy. (2009). Big, bigger, biggest!
Mobin-Uddin, Asma. (2009). A party in Ramadan
Morrow, Barbra Olenyik. (2009). Mr. Mosquito put on his tuxedo
Nishizuka, Koko. (2009). The beckoning cat: Based on a Japanese folktale
Sill, Cathryn. (2009). Mountains
Stewart, Melissa. (2009). Under the snow

Grades 3-5:
Betancourt, Jeanne. (2009). Ava Tree and the wishes three
Cabot, Meg. (2009). Allie Finkle’s rules for girls: Best friends and drama queens
Draper, Sharon M. (2009). Sassy: Little Sister is NOT my name!
Kent, Peter. (2009). Technology
Selfors, Suzanne. (2009). Fortune’s magic farm

Grades 6-8:
Alvarez, Julia. (2009). Return to sender
Comerford, Lynda B. (2009). Rissa Bartholomew’s declaration of independence
Peck, Richard. (2009). A season of gifts
Springer, Nancy. (2009). The case of the cryptic crinoline
Tarshis, Lauren. (2009). Emma-Jean Lazarus fell in love

Grades 9-12:
Forman, Gayle. (2009). If I stay
Napoli, Donna Jo. (2009). Alligator bayou.

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