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While there are many moments in life that call for somberness and even prompt us to pause and reflect, there are also moments in which we simply celebrate the joy of being alive and savor the funny side of our days. Writer Mark Twain, an authority on what makes us laugh, once stated, “humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” Humor and laughter certainly add to life’s pleasures, and sometimes it is a good idea not to take life or ourselves so seriously. Certainly, when it comes to humorous books, young readers cannot get enough of them. Teachers looking for a way to hook reluctant readers on a book may find that humorous texts provide one way to do so.

The following books were reviewed for Grades K-3:
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta. (2011). Chicks run wild
Gardner, Carol. (2011). Princess Zelda and the frog
Harper, Charise Mericle. (2011). Just Grace and the double surprise
Long, Ethan. (2011). The croakey pokey!
Ohora, Zachariah. (2011). Stop snoring, Bernard!
Rosenberg, Liz. (2011). Tyrannosaurus Dad
Schachner, Judy. (2011). Skippyjon Jones: Class action
Wardlaw, Lee. (2011). Won Ton: A cat tale told in haiku
Wheeler, Lisa. (2011). Spinster Goose: Twisted rhymes for naughty children

Grades 4-6:
Axelrod, Amy. (2011). Your friend in fashion, Abby Shapiro
Bruel, Nick. (2011). Bad Kitty meets the baby
Bancks, Tristan. (2011). Mac Slater vs. the city
Franco, Betsy. (2011). A dazzling display of dogs
Hauth, Katherine B. (2011). What’s for dinner? Quirky, squirmy poems from the animal world
Krull, Kathleen. (2011). Big Wig: A Little History of Hair
Margolis, Leslie. (2011). Everybody bugs out

Grades 7-8:
Jackson, Donna M. (2011). What’s so funny? Making sense of humor
Stewart, Kiera. (2011). Fetching

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