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The purpose of this study was to investigate upper elementary (Grades 4–6) and middle school (Grades 6–8) teachers’ views of grammar and its instruction and to determine differences in their views about grammar, its instruction, and its importance to writing proficiency. Participants in this online study were 196 practicing teachers in eight school districts in one western U.S. state. Two thirds of the teachers in the study taught at the elementary level, and one third taught at the middle school level. When asked what they taught when teaching grammar, the large majority of these teachers reported teaching parts of speech, punctuation, and sentence structure. Overall, there were few significant differences between upper elementary and middle school teachers in the instructional strategies and curricular materials they reported using, in their views of how important it was to teach various aspects of grammar, and in their views of the extent to which those aspects of grammar improved writing proficiency. Findings are discussed in relation to prior research, and implications are drawn for the field.