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The first day of school has come. Orientation days are over for the new teacher, and the children have arrived. Thirty or more little faces smile back at her when she says "good morning." It had all seemed fairly simple during the student teaching days, but suddenly there was no one to fall back on when things went wrong. The entire responsibility for the education of these children rested with her. True, she could ask questions of other teachers, but they seemed so busy. The principal has offered to help, but the opening days of school are hectic for him, too. To add to the confusion, the books are different than those used during student teaching. Some of the books have been misplaced during the summer while others are still on order. Parents want to meet the new teacher. Johnny has his milk money to give to someone. The books that are in the room don't seem to fit the mold or the theories that had seemed so practical during college days. Hopefully, by the second week things will have improved.

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