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"Hi! I'm Melvin. Miss Riley sent me to see you. Gosh, I was scared. I thought I was in real trouble this time. I thought she sent me because I knocked that paste jar on the floor. Boy, what a mess. Made a lot of noise, too. I don't make much noise in the room. If you keep still, the teacher forgets you're there. Jimmy says he acts up in reading class so Miss Riley will get mad at him, and then she won't make him read. I like to have my turn, but I'm not very good at it. You know every time she calls my name, I can feel a great big ball right here in my throat-it gets stuck right here. Even the words I know don't come out right. I guess I'm just too dumb to read right. My sister can read pretty good, but my mom says I'm just dumber than she is.

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