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Catherine A Donnelly PhD OT Reg (Ont.); Heidi Cramm PhD OT Reg (Ont.); Amanda Mofina MSc(OT) OT Reg (Ont.); Marie-Eve Lamontagne PhD OT; Shalini Lal PhD OT; Heather Calquhoun Phd OT Reg (Ont.)


Despite acknowledging the importance of knowledge translation (KT), the occupational therapy profession has demonstrated only emerging KT activity. Organizations are seen as playing an important role in supporting KT. To date, there have been no known attempts to explore KT activities conducted by occupational therapy organizations in Canada. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe KT activities occurring in Canadian occupational therapy organizations. An environmental scan was used to identify KT activities. The websites of occupational therapy national and provincial associations and/or regulatory bodies and the educational programs were searched. A Knowledge Mobilization Matrix (KMM) website was applied to each organizational website. The total KMM scores were highest for universities and lowest for regulatory organizations. The type and nature of the KT activities varied according to the type of organization. Canadian occupational therapy leadership organizations play an important role in supporting KT.