This paper describes the implementation of a unique learning experience aimed at enhancing the quality of supervision practice in occupational therapy at the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service. The package was designed by experienced occupational therapy educators based on adult, blended, and flipped learning approaches with content developed following administration of a standardized tool and semi-structured interviews. The learning package focused particularly on the logistics of supervision and the use of occupational therapy theory and evidence with supervision. The training for supervising therapists included a workshop and pre and post workshop learning activities. This collaborative research approach to designing and implementing a learning package as well as the specific content of the ongoing education opportunities could also be transferred to other services.


Research ethics

The learning package discussed in this paper formed the educational intervention for a research project for which ethical approval was obtained from the Queensland Health Central Office Human Research Ethics Committee (reference HREC/14/QHC/008) and the Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee (reference AHS/17/14/HREC).

Declaration of conflicting interest

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.