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After teaching my first year in a sixth grade class, where the reading levels ranged from 2 to 12, I realized that I needed to know more about teaching reading. I went back to school and learned a lot more. Then, I worked with a federal project that functioned in about a dozen school districts, so I saw lots of teachers - some very good and some awful- and lots of children. I then taught some more myself and decided that kids never get to be better readers without good teachers. But, that meant more training for me. When I went back to school again, I found that many people who knew far more about teaching reading than I did said the same thing - the teacher is the key to successful reading instruction. Research by Wallace Ramsey (1962), Guy Bond and Robert Dykstra (1967), Sterl Artley (1969) and Albert Harris and Coleman Morrison (1969) has indicated that the teacher is the most important variable in reading instruction.

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