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Eager, bright eyed children gather close around the teacher's chair, where she holds several enticing books. In this multiethnic class she makes very sure that Juanita, Pablo, and Kim, who know little English, are seated close to her where they can point to pictures and hear her words clearly. The teacher begins with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the children giggling as he eats his way through "One red apple", "Two yellow pears", etc. While the story is reread the children join in chorus as different pupils point to the pictures. The teacher continues with Teddy Bears One to Ten, Ape in a Cape, Numbers of Things, Green Says Go, or other books that teach colors, numbers, ABCs, and concepts of shape and size. Juanita, Pablo, and Kim beam as they point correctly to pictures and join in repeating the stories with the group, learning through pictures, listening and speaking.

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