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The purpose of this study was to explore the operations of a sample of university-based reading clinics in order to better understand their functions and practices and to inform the planning for the authors’ own clinic. This study was carried out in two phases. In Phase I, the authors conducted Internet searches and contacted knowledgeable university faculty to create a list of currently operating clinics. They then interviewed 10 reading clinic directors about the structure and functioning of their clinics. Each interview was audio-recorded, transcribed, and focus-coded for themes related to the interview questions. Themes were then grouped into the following categories: founding and funding, student demographics, tutorial session logistics, assessment and instructional materials used, and family involvement. In Phase II, the authors conducted on-site visits to two reading clinics that they felt might best inform planning for their own. In addition to enhancing the creation of their own reading clinic, the data the authors gathered may be useful to those interested in an overview of current reading clinic organization and structure.