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In this document analysis, the authors explored if and how Miller’s (2009) The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child served as a symbolic model of a reading teacher who teaches her students not just the technical aspects of reading, but also how to enjoy reading. Drawing on social learning theory, the authors investigated how the selected text connected to elementary preservice teachers’ personal reading experiences with reading and learning to read, their preexisting beliefs about teaching reading, and their current observations of reading instruction in field placements. Written reflections, which served as the data source for this study, confirmed that Miller’s text served as an inspiration for change and as a positive model for these future teachers of reading. However, the preservice teachers’ reflections uncovered a range of emotional experiences with reading, the vast majority proving to be quite negative, suggesting that they need to rediscover their own love of reading in order to authentically share and model this passion with their students.