The Journal of Communication Pedagogy (JCP) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published by the Central States Communication Association (CSCA). JCP is open to submissions on the pedagogy of teaching K-12, undergraduate, and graduate communication. In a yearly volume, the journal aims at publishing the best research conducted on communication pedagogy. JCP publishes three types of articles: Original Research Studies, Reflection Essays, and Best Practices.

Current Volume: Volume 2 (2019)




Pedagogy, Gender, and Communication: Learning and Unlearning Gender
Marian L. Houser, Robert J. Sidelinger, and Angela Hosek


Argument Pedagogy for Everyday Life
Jeffrey P. Mehltretter Drury, Nicholas S. Paliewicz, and Sara A. Mehltretter Drury

Original Research Study

Reflection Essays


Teaching Public Speaking Online–Not a Problem but an Opportunity!
Sherwyn Morreale, Janice Thorpe, and Susan Ward

Best Practices


Best Practices for Teaching Discussion as Part of High School Common Core State Standards
Mitchel Stengel, Leah Nolan, David Donnick, Wesley Skym, and Anna M. Wright

Complete Volume


Scott A. Myers
Consulting Editors
Mary Ann Danielson
Angie Jerome
Alan K. Goodboy
David T. McMahan
Shannon Borke VanHorn