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Contact: Deanna D. Sellnow (Editor); deanna.sellnow@ucf.edu

Call for Manuscripts

Journal of Communication Pedagogy

Editor:  Deanna D. Sellnow, University of Central Florida

Associate Editor: Renee Kaufmann, University of Kentucky

Editorial Assistant: America Edwards, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Journal of Communication Pedagogy (JCP) is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Central States Communication Association. The journal publishes only the highest quality articles that extend communication theory, research, and practice in meaningful ways. In addition to face-to-face and online classrooms, we seek manuscripts that focus on instructional communication research situated in a variety of contexts such as (but not limited to) health, business/industry, religious, risk/crisis, public relations, journalism, forensics, and nonprofits both within the borders of the United States and beyond them. We are particularly interested in the use of technology (including virtual reality and artificial intelligence) in instruction. We welcome manuscripts that focus on instructional communication research within the communication discipline and beyond it (e.g., education, agriculture, social work, legal studies, engineering and S.T.E.M., pharmacy, nursing, health sciences). In sum, we seek manuscripts that examine communication pedagogy as it occurs across subfields in the communication discipline, in disciplines throughout the academy, and in contexts beyond the walls of higher education.  

All manuscripts must adhere to the guidelines of the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and must not have been published elsewhere or be under review for any other publication.

The JCP will publish three types of articles: original research studies, reflective essays, and communication training/development best practices.  

Original Research Studies are theory based, methodologically sound, and data-driven empirical analyses of communication pedagogy as it occurs in any context including, but not limited to traditional face-to-face or online classrooms.  We welcome all methods of scholarly inquiry including, but not limited to, quantitative, qualitative, rhetorical, critical, cultural, and mixed methods approaches.  The discussion section must include (a) conclusions as they extend theory and research, (b) implications that inform instructional communication practices, and (c) suggestions for future research. Manuscripts should not exceed 8500 words, including title page, abstract, tables, notes, references, and appendices. 

Reflective Essays are agenda-setting pieces focused on a thorny issue or problem inherent in communication pedagogy as it occurs in a particular context (e.g., health, business, risk, crisis, public relations, journalism, education).  Each essay must clearly identify the thorny issue or problem and suggest means by which to address it. Reflective essays may be written in first person and should not typically exceed 3000 words, including title, abstract, tables, notes, references, and appendices.

Communication Training/Development Best Practices describe best practices for training practitioners in the field to improve communication skills (e.g., listening, empathy, civil discourse, formal presentations in face-to-face and online environments, conflict management and resolution, teamwork, gender, intercultural, leadership) as applied directly to their professions.  These professions may range from health (e.g., doctor-patient relational communication) to business (e.g., employer-employee communication, customer service) to education, among others. Manuscripts must be grounded in research, and include best practice tips for successful implementation based on experience/assessment.  Best practice articles may be written in first person and should typically not exceed 3500 words, including title, abstract, tables, notes, references, and appendices.  


Journal of Communication Pedagogy currently publishes once per year and is an open-access journal. Issues of the journal will appear at www.pedagogyjournal.com


CSCA Permission Policy

Journal of Communication Pedagogy is published by the Central States Communication Association. 

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