Communication is the most powerful tool we have to challenge the plague of invisibility impacting our Indigenous communities. As we continue to challenge the diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives touted by our institutions, we need to move beyond mission statements to motion, i.e., action required for meaningful transformation to take place (Qassataq, Iñupiaq, 2022). To call attention to and name the silencing of language and knowledge systems outside of western mainstream english (WME), the present paper proposes the concept of Communication Action Statements (CAS). Based on place and space, CASs recognize, label, and affirm the negative effects of WME, as well as call attention to the silencing associated with the reinforcement of WME as the ideal form of communication. Moreover, CASs normalize other knowledge systems outside of the rigid western model that defines higher education. In conjunction with CASs, to initiate motion, we provide four strategies to take action to move beyond acknowledgment and challenge the Communication discipline to continue working to decenter whiteness.



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