The research literature shows many universities do not require elementary pre-service and in-service teachers to take a writing methodology course, yet elementary teachers must be prepared to teach K-8 writing. This qualitative case study highlights a beginning elementary in-service teacher’s experiences enrolled in a K-8 writing methodology course designed to strengthen her teacher-writer voice for authentic purposes using the writing workshop framework. Using narrative inquiry’s critical event approach to analyze and compare the teacher’s and her peers’ data (writer’s notebook, reflections, surveys, interviews, written selections, field note journal), this research article details her case study as a critical incident to gain an in-depth understanding of her course experiences. Choosing a personal audience (her father), she crafted a narrative the editor of her father’s favorite magazine accepted for publication. Achieving publication, she experienced the entire writing process and strengthened her teacher-writer voice. Writing for authentic audiences and purposes is critical for teacher-writers to strengthen their teacher-writer identities, beliefs, attitudes, and pedagogy. Such writing experiences transfer to teacher-writers’ pedagogical practice with elementary students.



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