Feedback is a critical component of teaching and learning (Black & William, 1998; Hattie, 2009). Thus, it is essential for pre-service teachers to have a clear understanding of how to give effective feedback, including on student writing. This article describes a collaborative partnership project between a first-grade teacher and a teacher educator focused on giving students feedback on their writing. Using the online tool Flipgrid, the project brought together 15 first graders and 27 pre-service teachers enrolled in a writing methods course in an effort to offer on-going feedback to the first graders as they were in the process of writing and publishing a class book. We examined what the pre-service teachers learned about giving effective feedback and found that the primary takeaway was affirming what a student was doing well, as well as giving them a specific way to improve. The pre-service teachers had difficulty in removing personal comments (e.g., “Amazing work”) from their feedback.



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