Seita Scholars Study Abroad

Seita Scholars Study Abroad


CEHD 3050: Seita Scholars Study Abroad Dominican Republic is a short-term, faculty-led study abroad program designed specifically for Seita Scholars. The 3-credit, study abroad course explores social justice in education and social service sectors in the Dominican Republic. The course places special emphasis on the Seita Scholars Seven Life Domains framework, specifically: personal and cultural identity, social relationships, and life skills. The course includes in-person class sessions hand an 8-night, 9-day travel itinerary in the greater Santo Domingo area including visits to government, educational and social service agencies, cultural excursions, opportunities for service, as well as reflective and scholarly assignments. The study abroad program is a collaboration between Seita Scholars, College of Education & Human Development and WMU Dominican alumni. In addition to the in-country portion to the D.R. students completed a variety of pre-departure exploration assignments, participated in discussions, completed reflections on their in-country experiences and produced a final project.

Students’ final projects demonstrated their academic and personal learning from their student abroad course experience. Students were given the freedom to create projects in a variety of formats, that were meaningful to them and that could be used for their major or career.

2023 Faculty leader: Dr. Ramona Lewis, faculty liaison to Seita Scholars & master faculty specialist, Department of Educational Leadership, Research & Technology.

Co-Leaders: Ronicka Hamilton, director Seita Scholars; Peter Thompson, senior campus coach